Flash Media Server into XAMPP

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Flash Media Server into XAMPP

Postby Traveller_NL » 24. March 2010 14:51

Hi everyone,

I installed XAMPP1.7.3 on a Win7x64 OS. Installed Moodle into it.
Sofar everything works very fine. Webpages and E-Learning content by Moodle are simply accessable in the local network. (not only localhost)

As I have a little bit of experience with the Flash Media Server (in the Flash Interactive Server mode) when developing a multiplayer application, I would really like integrate FMS into XAMPP.

The FlashMediaDevelopmentServer3.5 installer can also install Appache2.2. but this option is de-selectable.
What if you already have an Appache2.2.14 (xampp) running? You deselect the Appache in the FMS installer right?!
But how do I make Flash Media Server use the xampp Appache2.2.14 instead?

I have searched the Adobe supports, but sofar no luck yet.

Any tips anyone?
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Re: Flash Media Server into XAMPP

Postby Traveller_NL » 29. March 2010 08:17

Toneee said:
Checking FMS server status using FMSCheck Version 1.0.0 r15. Documentation for this is found here:
http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashMediaS ... -7fe8.html

I recall there being a configuration file (text) that disclosed which Apache to start. Or perhaps in the FMS Admin Console

Try looking for a file named RootInstall/conf/fms.ini.

Here's a snippet I found in my notes too:
On Windows, run the ApacheMonitor.exe application manually. Alternately,
you can set up Apache as a Windows service that starts and stops
itself at start and shutdown.

The FMScheck program and the Apache monitor Toneee mentionned must give me some insights. Have to look into it next week as I'm not around my desk right now. Xampp's Apache with Moodle work fine. When I installed FMS (with the Apache2.2 unchecked in the installer) I see a server in the FMSadmin. I could even stream a movie on the server machine. But that was when I doubleclicked the FMSfrontpage index.html file directly I recall :oops: .
localhost is taking me to the xampp/htdocs like it's supposed to. And so is http://server_ip/index.html on a remote machine. But streaming a movie from xampp/htdocs to a remote machine... no luck sofar.

    Some mind twirls:
  • Staring and stopping thingies manually or as a service is not a problem;
  • Looking into Apache monitor and see what can be learned;
  • Explore the FMScheck program;
  • What I understand from FMS proxy is that FMS needs port 80, and that it will pass through all things FMS doesn't handdle to any (or specified) server.

    So the mission is:
  • Persuede FMS to use/serve files from xampp/htdocs;
  • Settle the fight over port 80;
  • And when able to stream to a remote machine, setup the interactive mode of FMS so multiplayer applications can be hosted.

Any tips to help out with this quest are welcome ofcourse.
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Re: Flash Media Server into XAMPP

Postby cybervision » 25. May 2010 15:01

are you still looking for information cause i have some, just wanted to know if this posting was still active
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Re: Flash Media Server into XAMPP

Postby juhid » 18. March 2011 09:44

i am trying to make a web conference website using flash
i need php for database interactions
i have fms installed without apache
i have xampp woth apache and php
i modified the httpd conf file of xampp to point to the applications folder of fms
i am able to open normal html pages and even able to playback a video
but when i try to run my code which switches on the webcam and streams live video, i get the error NetConnection failed

please please help!!

note: i changed my httpd conf file to listen to 8134 as well as 80
and made changes to the fms.ini: ADAPTOR.HOSTPORT=

i think there is a problem with the port numbers as i was successfully running the code when i had installed apache that was bundled with fms

please do help!!!
thank u!!
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Re: Flash Media Server into XAMPP

Postby juhid » 18. March 2011 09:59

ok problem solved!!!
instead of i had to write ip address of the server!!
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