Error stopping Apache in XAMPP

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Error stopping Apache in XAMPP

Postby drummerp » 23. March 2010 20:15

I set up Apache on the 15th of march and when I first set it up, it worked perfectly. I went to http://localhost/, and it displayed the "XAMPP is running perfectly" webpage, and I could click any of the links on the side and they worked great too. Seeing that it worked, I set it up as a Windows service. Since then it hasn't worked. When I go to http://localhost/, it takes several seconds, then says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I check the XAMPP control panel, and it says that Apache is running, with the Svc button checked and the admin button not greyed out. Several times I have tried to stop Apache in order to restart it. At the bottom it says:
ERROR: -1"
and nothing else. I have checked all of the log files in Apache, they say that the last time it was run or that someone tried to connect to it was March 15th (when I first installed it and when it actually worked). Does anyone know what the problem is/how to fix it? Or at least how to uninstall it so I can try again? (I'm used to there being a nice "uninstall.exe" in there, and I save "just delete the folder" as a last resort.)
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