Sudden Problem Loading XAMPP on Windows Vista

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Sudden Problem Loading XAMPP on Windows Vista

Postby restawhile » 23. March 2010 15:21

Hi, I've done some googling and searches and can't seem to find a problem that mirrors mine, but apologies if I've not looked hard enough.

I have XAMPP installed on my Windows Vista machine and have been using it successfully, until recently.

Following no configuration changes that I can recall, pages accessed at "localhost" (powered by XAMPP) now time out (tried on multiple browsers). There's not an "address not recognised" error, but simply a white space followed by a time out error message.

One thing I have thought could be interfering with XAMPP is an installation of "MonYOG", a MySQL monitoring system that also runs from the localhost address. However, MonYOG runs from "localhost:5555", not simply "localhost". This IS working, but I can't recall testing if both XAMPP and MonYOG simultaneously worked.

I've tried editing the hosts file (as recommended at ... dows-vista) and I've tried copying a file called "msvcp71.dll" to the root XAMPP folder (as recommended at - both to no avail.

Is my problem my a "localhost" clash, or is it something different?

How would one go about solving my problem?
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Re: Sudden Problem Loading XAMPP on Windows Vista

Postby BigWetDog » 24. March 2010 17:12

Try using the port checker. It sounds as thought you may have something else bound to port 80. Although Apache shouldn't even be starting if that's the case.
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Re: Sudden Problem Loading XAMPP on Windows Vista

Postby JustMe » 24. March 2010 17:43


You might also consider running MSConfig (from the comman prompt). Not only will this show you all the stuff that is running on startup (services, registry, programs/startup, etc. but it will also allow you to temporarily disable them on reboot - so you can temporarily turn off some or all of them to see what might be conflicting with your setup.

A good example is how easy it is to click on the "SVC" button to run any of the modules as a service from the XAMPP Control pannel. It might be that you accidently did something similar with another program that is now running as a service and you don't realize you told it to do so.

And, of course, there is always the chance that this is a result of some spyware/bot that doesn't play well with what you are running.

Hope you find whatever it is.

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