can't acess my helloworld.php file

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can't acess my helloworld.php file

Postby kwokwai » 22. March 2010 11:57

Hi all,

I have setup xampp 1.7.3 for windows in my localhost, and I am able to see the index page: at

I have also downloaded cakePhp 1.2.6. and unzipped all the files to this directory under XAMPP:
and I can see all things have been well configured at

Your tmp directory is writable.
The FileEngine is being used for caching. To change the config edit APP/config/core.php
Your database configuration file is present.
Cake is able to connect to the database.

Then I have created a helloworld.php file:
Code: Select all
class helloworld extends AppController {
 function displaytext() {
       echo "Hello world.";


When I tried to access this URL at
, it showed me this error:
Error: Create the class Helloworld.phpController below in file: app\controllers\helloworld.php_controller.php

I have no idea how to slove this problem.

Please kindly help if you could
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Re: can't acess my helloworld.php file

Postby Nobbie » 22. March 2010 12:11

I dont think this is a standard PHP or Xampp Error Message, it seems to be a cake_1_2 error message. You should ask in a corresponding forum.
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Re: can't acess my helloworld.php file

Postby solat » 24. March 2010 19:10

Definitely a Cake-php issue. You need to look up and understand the structure of Cake applications, and the MVC architecture.
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