vhosts & MySql

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vhosts & MySql

Postby lydialysol » 22. March 2010 01:18

I use virtual hosts to create my sites. I use Dreamweaver CS4 and this makes it easier to manage links, etc. I am running Vista. I downloaded and installed the latest XAMPP for Windows. Everything seems to be working, Apache is started and I can get to the phpMyAdmin and I can see all of my databases. I went into the httpd-vhosts.conf file and typed in the correct information for all of my sites running in the vhost environment. Plus did the same for the host file in System 32. But I cannot get the vhosts to work. For instance one of my sites should be at http://bigrock when I preview. Instead it goes to http://bigrock/xampp and no site just the home page of xampp.

What do I need to do to get my Virtual Hosts to work.?

Also Mysql is working. I can go into phpMyAdmin and do everything I need to do. However, when I try to connect to the database in Dreamweaver, it won't connect to the database. I've tried using Dreamweaver's connect macro's plus I've written my own connection files. Nothing will work.

I have spent over a week trying to resolve this. I'm getting way behind in my site development. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: vhosts & MySql

Postby lydialysol » 22. March 2010 19:03

I need some help getting my vhost to work. Any suggestions? I can get my site to work if I put in the htdocs folder within xampp. But this messes up all of my links.
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Re: vhosts & MySql

Postby Nobbie » 22. March 2010 20:47

lydialysol wrote:What do I need to do to get my Virtual Hosts to work.?

An errorfree configuration.

As you dont show us anything, we cant tell you anything. I wonder why you believe, that somebody can help you - how?!
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Re: vhosts & MySql

Postby MC10 » 24. March 2010 04:26

There should be two files in your XAMPP directory: xampp\htdocs\index.php and xampp\htdocs\index.html. Rename them to index.off.php and index.off.html or something similar. Now, when you view http://localhost/, you should see a directory of your files. You can create your own index.php or index.html files if you wish.
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Re: vhosts & MySql

Postby solat » 24. March 2010 06:03

Are you running with Tomcat from xampp?
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