Access Forbidden

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Access Forbidden

Postby friedsushi » 12. March 2010 23:12

I seem to have done something wrong. I had my website up working perfectly fine, with all domains and sub-domains pointing where they're supposed to.
I re-installed XAMPP since I accidentally deleted root privileges from mySQL.

I've re-set all my settings to work fine, except I'm having one issue.

My main root domain won't work. All of the sub-domains associated to it works.

but and bring me to a
Access forbidden!

New XAMPP security concept:

Access to the requested directory is only available from the local network.

This setting can be configured in the file "httpd-xampp.conf".

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Though a sub-domain, or a link to a specific file will work perfectly.

I've commented out
Code: Select all
<LocationMatch "^/(?i:(?:xampp|security|licenses|phpmyadmin|webalizer|server-status|server-info))">
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from ::1 \
               fc00::/7 \

    ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_XAMPP_FORBIDDEN.html.var
in my httpd-xampp.conf file but that just forwards my main domain to a web control pannel for XAMPP instead of my index.htm root.

What am I missing here? I had it working perfectly before. During the re-install I must have forgotten to do something.
The files I copied back over were the httpd-vhosts.conf file and my httpd.conf files.
error log wrote:client denied by server configuration: C:/xampp/htdocs/xampp/
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Re: Access Forbidden

Postby friedsushi » 12. March 2010 23:37

lol, it was a stupid problem.

When I re-installed XAMPP, it kept all of my documents in my folder, but it also added an index.html and an index.php file that over-rode my index.htm
Just deleted those two files and it's up and running again!
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