could no connect to database (mysql)

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could no connect to database (mysql)

Postby ghammer » 12. March 2010 14:32

Verbose (necessary)
I tried to post this before but don't thk it worked.

I am running windows xp pro
Have disabled the windows firewall the only other gizmo is the default gateway modem/router
Stand alone system
installed xampp
Only xampp running
have changed user name and password and changed mysqli to mysql tried both
xampp control panel reports
apache running
mysql running
i set up an accout called root and re installed xampp
I can do all of the demos except cdcol which gives this error
CD Collection (Example for PHP+MySQL+FPDF)
A very simple CD programm.
CD list as PDF document.
Could not connect to database!
Is MySQL running or did you change the password?

have reloaded xampp several time with the same result
i have run out of ideas on what next to try can anyone pleeese help me. George
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