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Includes SSI Help

Postby dadmancpu1 » 08. March 2010 21:12

I am trying to get my xampp apache server to reconize include SSi web pages. Can some one please tell me an easy way to do this?

Thank You
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Re: Includes SSI Help

Postby Nobbie » 09. March 2010 10:55

You dont need to do anything, as Xampp comes pre-configured to recognize SSI. You simply *MUST* give the extension *.shtml to the desired files.
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Re: Includes SSI Help

Postby pjharnett » 09. March 2010 18:04

I'm having the same problem, just can't get SSI working, just get the [an error occurred while processing this directive]. The SSI status is activated, and the pages I'm working with work fine on-line, and they are all .SHTML. I've been through the httpd.conf file, everything looks fine there. Any assistance would be great.
It's OK, I've found out the problem. Moved everything into the htdocs directory, works fine now. I had my files in a sub-directory off the htdocs, could more than likely have fixed it if I had changed the include calls to show the path of the sub-directory :(
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