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Directory mismatch + XDebug missing

PostPosted: 04. March 2010 16:37
by tampe125
hi everyone, i have a problem that's driving me crazy.

i usually use XAMPP + eclipse to develop using XDebug as debugger.
Few days ago i formatted my C:\ disk and re-installed everything.

messing around, i re-installed XAMPP on my D:\ disk into the D:\XAMPP directory: so i had two nested installation.
when i saw that, i removed the nested one and everything went ok.

except for a thing: i get this "Directory mismatch".
well, it wouldn't be a great problem, but now i can't debug with eclipse. infact, when i start eclipse debug, it's stuck on "Waiting for XDebug session".

(btw, i reinstalled ecplise and, since it was on the D:\ disk, i got all the previuos preferences).

so maybe the problem is that "Directory mismatch"?

thank you in advance

Re: Directory mismatch + XDebug missing

PostPosted: 05. March 2010 08:27
by cthackers
xdebug has it's path set in php.ini on [XDebug], there's also a php module that you need to activate.
See if everything is correctly set in there and restart apache after that.