Apache and PHP on a disk

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Apache and PHP on a disk

Postby mikhl » 04. March 2010 16:26

I have been searching everywhere for some information on running apache and a PHP website on a disk.

Basically I have to create a website that is to be viewed and marked from a disk with no internet connection. I can screen record the PHP pages working, but would rather the PHP pages worked when the external marker looked at them.

Does anyone know of any way of doing this, I am beginning to believe that this may be impossible.

For extra information, I believe that the external marker will be using a Windows system.

Thanks, Mikhl.
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Re: Apache and PHP on a disk

Postby cthackers » 05. March 2010 08:24

On a disk you mean a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM ?
Well, i think you can do that, you have to make a autorun script that sets some paths in the configuration files and then start apache, the user will be able to see it in their browser with htpt://localhost/.
If you consider screen recording the page working that means there's not to much dynamic stuff going on there, why don't you make the website with static htmls ?

I might be able to help you but give more details please.
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