Portable mod_aspdotnet + Apache 2.2.14 (XAMPPLite 1.7.3)

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Portable mod_aspdotnet + Apache 2.2.14 (XAMPPLite 1.7.3)

Postby BigWetDog » 25. February 2010 16:53

This post is an attempt to help others get mod_aspdotnet ( working with Apache 2.2.14 in portable environment (read USB storage), in case there are others out there in need. This post does not address running mod_aspdotnet in a static/fixed/local installation of Apache/XAMPP or other versions of mod_aspdotnet or Apache.

IMPORTANT: As mod_aspdotnet is dependent upon the .Net framework, this configuration is only portable in as much as the target PC has a version of .Net Framework installed.

First, download the mod_aspdotnet- from sourceforge here:

DO NOT run the installer. The reason for this is that the installer will register the Apache.Web.dll assembly in the Global Assembly Cache on the machine which you are running the installer. Instead extract the contents using the following command line:
msiexec /a <PathToMSIFile> /qb TARGETDIR=<DirectoryToExtractTo>

In the extracted directory there are two sub directories. You'll need Apache.Web.dll from the [Global Assembly Cache] directory and mod_aspdotnet.so from the bottom of the [Program Files] tree.

First, copy mod_aspdotnet.so (the Apache module) to your Apache modules \xampp\apache\modules (or \xampplite\apache\modules).

Next copy Apache.Web.dll to your \xampp\apahce\bin (or \xampplite\apache\bin).

Now edit your httpd.conf file per the documentation in the manual found among the extracted files. It's pretty straight forward, but if you have problems send me a Private Message and I'll take a look.

Now one last step, make an additional copy of Apache.Web.dll put it in each of your configured application's \bin directory. Create the directory if it doesn't exist.
There are some technical reasons why this is necessary, and I'm digging hard to find a way out of it, but for now one copy in the apache's bin and one in your web app's bin is required to make it work.

Start Apache the usual way and serve it up.

I have created a custom build of Apache.Web.dll that will handle the file copy automatically so only one copy in the apache\bin is required. I'll work on an installer for XAMPP if there's enough demand, but I expect that the purists will have a few choice words concerning ASP.Net on Apache.
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