Problem Relocating php.ini

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Problem Relocating php.ini

Postby jas399 » 24. February 2010 23:34

Hi all,
There seems to be something wrong with the relocate function for php.ini in package_php.php (or

If something is added to the default include_path like this

include_path = ".;\xamp\php\PEAR;\xamp\myPhpApp"

and you try to do a relocate with setup_xampp.bat, you will end up with a path which is partially replaced like this:
include_path = ".;\new_xamp_dir\php\PEAR;\xamp\myPhpApp"

i.e only the first occurrence on the line is replaced.

Is this the intended behavior? Is there something that can be done to correct it? I must admit that I'm a noob wrt preg_replace which seems powerful beyond belief.

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