Relocating xampp folder

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Relocating xampp folder

Postby esieens » 20. February 2010 20:51


I am using an old xampp installation (v1.6.3a) and I want to relocate it to a bigger and faster hard drive.

I moved the xampp folder and run the setup_xampp.bat from my new location. I was offered the option to do a refresh which I selected.

When I tried to start xampp from my new location, it failed. If I start it from the old locations (I kept it as a backup in case something went wrong) it works.

It looks like the path for the services have not been updated.

Any idea how I can fix this please?

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Re: Relocating xampp folder

Postby MC10 » 20. February 2010 22:35

According to

If you have installed any server as Windows service, you must first remove the Windows service, and after the moving you can install the service again.

The configuration files from your own scripts, like for the software phpBB, are not adjusted. This task is up to you. But it's possible to write a "plug-in" the installer. With such a plug-in, the installer can adjust such files too..

(Emphasis on blue and bold parts)
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