Multiple Joomla!-based web sites using xampp

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Multiple Joomla!-based web sites using xampp

Postby HansJurgen » 17. February 2010 22:38

I'm wanting to develop multiple web site for clients using xampp for Windows. How and where do I house these multiple web sites without creating file confusion between them? I currently have one site in the htdocs folder. If I put another template or design in that folder, it will pick up articles used in the current site housed in that folder.

I'm not code savvy since I handle the creative side and am very familiar with Dreamweaver and its intuitive use. So, hopefully there's an easy, logical method for getting new web sites under xampp. I checked into Wamp and it's logical since you just created another www folder and cue that domain's files into that www folder. Then you just bring it up on localhost/ But, I like xampp and would like to stick with it if I can see a logical and easy way to house multiple web site without creating file confusion between those web sites.

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