MySQL, importing from file, #2006 error, phpmyadmin blank

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MySQL, importing from file, #2006 error, phpmyadmin blank

Postby horseatingweeds » 16. February 2010 09:31

I was copying one of my Drupal websites. I exported the database into an sql file. I then began the import into a new empty database. I got an error like this, I didn't write it down perfectly:

Code: Select all
INSERT INTO 'cashe_menu' ('cid', 'data', 'espire', 'created', 'header', 'serialized', links:navigation:tree data:a [a bunch of numbers]

MySQL said:
#2006 - MySQL server has gone away

After that error phpMyAdmin stopped working and just came up as a blank white page. But other websites using databases on the server were still running ok. I tried restarting mysql but phpmyadmin still didn't work. I finally had to restart my machine and it started working again.

I exported the database again into an sql file and got the same error and phpmyadmin problems trying to import it.

I just uploaded the database with a different sql file I had made earlier without any trouble.

Could this be a problem or bug in mysql or phpmyadmin? Or is the Drupal database I was using have some kind of problem? It seems to be running the site ok.

Any input will be appreciated.
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Re: MySQL, importing from file, #2006 error, phpmyadmin blank

Postby madrake » 30. March 2010 14:07

Hi there,

well it won't help you at all - but I have a similar problem... We have a PHP based web application that has been running on an older XAMPP for the last 4 years (without any problems). A few weeks ago the machine broke down and we had to restore the latest backup - on a new machine and a new XAMPP...
Since then at some times the mysql server goes down - all scripts get error 2006 (even the ones not belonging to the application, e.g. phpmyadmin and others - in fact everything needing access to mysql). And by "at some times" I really mean irregularly... One time it runs without issues for two or three days, then it goes down after about two hours...

Over the past weeks we have been constantly searching for a solution and until now did not find any... In most cases the problem seems to be caused by max_allowed_packet_size settings, but increasing any settings didn't work at all.
Also, some time ago, there was a bug in MySQL causing the server to crash when MySQL and InnoDB got out of sync, but that issue has been fixed since version 5.1.3x or so (we are using latest XAMPP 1.7.3 with MySQL 5.1.41).
I also thought it could be some database connection we missed to close (the application is quite old and some years ago I still believed PHP would securely close all lasting connections after script execution which does not really seem to be the case) - but then shouldn't this have happened earlier?

Another interesting point is that the server does not really crash - it is still there and I can create connections to it via telnet, but that's all. Even the mysqladmin command line tool can't even execute a version command... It just won't answer.
Furthermore - there are no error messages in the log files. My next attempt would be to try a mysqladmin debug or at least a ping.

Does anyone have any clue on this? If not I will try to install a clean standalone SQL server alongside the XAMPP package and disable XAMPP's sql - perhaps that get's me some stability.

Our system configuration:
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

Any input would be very much appreciated :) Thanks in advance,
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Re: MySQL, importing from file, #2006 error, phpmyadmin blank

Postby Nobbie » 30. March 2010 18:18

>If not I will try to install a clean standalone SQL server alongside the XAMPP package and disable XAMPP's sql

Why not.

>VMWare VM

Are you kidding? This is BY FAR the most restricting point of your installation. Dont you have money for a standalone server with "real" hardware?
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