Please help (domain issue)

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Please help (domain issue)

Postby popasx » 16. February 2010 02:02

Hi,I have installed xampp.I am going to set a LAN site.I donot want my site in internet.It will be only accessible via LAN.

But I got a serious problem.
Here is my network condition:
Here,I have got coneection through a network.Actually it is a university hall.we,200 student are connected through a computer(moderator) in each hall.There are 5 halls.So 5 moderator are connected to directly ISP.
When I go to "" it says something like this "".And it always and all time says this.Even I go to "" from another computer(my friends PC on another room) it says "".It seems from world,we all are known as "".But internally we all have different IP.Here my ip is
"".When I go to start>run>\\,I can see the folders,i am sharing.Thats the connection condition.

Now the problem:
After installing xampp,i start apache and mysql.And I can see interface by going to "http://localhost" or
"" or "".When I browse from another computer "" and "http://localhost"
do not work.Only "" works.But I do not like this.Say i want "".when any user on our network(LAN) type in address bar "",they will see my site.But how can i do that.
Should I need a software to do that?
And buying a domain is not possible for me.And I can not consider it for some reasons.
1.The host PC is mine.(one PC)
2.This is a LAN gaming site.
3.Every single page is over 15MB.
4.Total space for webhosting is over 1TB.
5.Total system is non-profitable.
6.Main IP "" remains same but secondary ( one sometime changes.Say some stupid of us have started to use mine( condition get more worse.I need to change my whole site.My whole domain changes.So if I could manage a static domain like "",these problem eleminates.

This is my condition,please help.
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Re: Please help (domain issue)

Postby popasx » 16. February 2010 11:49

ohh now it seems ok.I just installed "Simple DNS Plus" software.on setting i installed it as service.In DNS>request>all local IP address selected.On general,domain is in by default.(it neednt to be changed).In my case it is "princeofpersia".Then pointed browser to "http://princeofpersia".Then xampp webinterface appears.Even frm my frnds PC,it is ok.It seems
anyone on my LAN's TCP-IP who type in browser "http://princeofpersia",get my site. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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