Using Xampp as teaching server

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Using Xampp as teaching server

Postby ronh » 11. February 2010 18:20

Hi all,

I'm hoping this is possible but don't know enough about XAMPP so please bear with me if I'm a bit slow.
I need a web-server which I can use as on a LAN (installed on just one PC) I need to be able to teach students how to publish webpages to a server using FTP. In other words I need then to use Filezilla as an FTP client installed on all local PCs which they can use with suitable usernames and passwords to publish their webpages to a server (XAMPP) I know how to set up XAMPP when hosting one website to place the webpages in HTDOCs. I assume if I want it to act as a server for many websites I just create sub-directories in HTDOCs. What I need to know is HOW to set up FTP usernames and passwords for each sub-directory and HOW I gain access to these directoies using an FTP client like filezilla.
I do not need to allow external access from the web to XAMPP only the LAN PCs
Anyone got any ideas please.
I need this done locally as the venue where the classes run do not allow FTP access to the web due to security concerns.
Any help you may be able to give would be gratefully received.
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