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PHP - Include Doesn't Work on XAMPP. (Solved)

PostPosted: 08. February 2010 20:00
by mozartica
I have an index page and an include in a div. Here is the index.php:

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<div id="govde">
<? include("tepe.php");?>
        <ul id="butonlar">


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<div id="tepe">
<img src="logo.gif" />

But when I call index.php (http://localhost/zukk/index.php), logo.gif doesn't appear.
I tried to upload these all to web. (A free domain) It works like it should. What is wrong with what? :D
Btw, surely; tepe.php, index.php, logo.gif are in the same directory.

Windows 7 x64

I've changed "<?" part to "<?php" and it's ok.