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Locked out, any hope?

PostPosted: 03. February 2010 03:48
by Cobaindomain
Alright, so i just recently downloaded xampp at the recommendation of a friend and potential employer. I'm attempting to learn PHP.

I just downloaded xampp in order to further that learning, however after initial setup. I entered the security tab in the localhost url. Following closely with a tutorial, i believe provided by this site. anyway, as i goto enter my information, the page get's refreshed, so i attempt to re-fill the information, however this time it refreshes once more, and BOOM! I'm completely locked out and prompted for user name and password.

So i figure, Hey! maybe it just simply took my information. Unfortunately this was not the case, i attempted to enter the user name and password i was entering, and it did not work. Now I've tried it through Firefox as well as IE, and have the same issue, my log in information did not work.

So my problem is simply this... I am locked out without a key or a way to find one... is there a locksmith in the house?

Re: Locked out, any hope?

PostPosted: 03. February 2010 17:27
by Cobaindomain
I take it that no-one really has much of an idea on the subject?

Re: Locked out, any hope?

PostPosted: 05. February 2010 00:01
by 172upgrade
you are locked out of a new xampp install? why not just uninstall, delete all the leftover files and reinstall?

I am not familiar with the wizard you are talking about, but then again, it was years ago when we installed are initial xampp install. if its a mysql password, there is a utility in /xampp/mysql to reset the password. could try that?