can't uninstall xampp

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can't uninstall xampp

Postby samunsden » 29. January 2010 20:25

I already had wamp server installed and was interested in trying xampp.

I am not a programmer...just learning Joomla. That is why I wanted to try xampp because of the beginners Joomla PDF.

I downloaded xampp. Got some unexpected screens in a black window...some kind of code.

Looked like the program installed correctly, but looks pretty difficult...not like wamp. I went to http://localhost/ and it opened up the wamp server.

I decided I liked what I had. Tried to uninstall xampp based on the instructions on the website: I tried to delete the directory directly from the C drive but got an error message: "Can't delete Xampp - you need permission to perform this action." I can't uninstall through the normal Uninstall Programs from the control panel. I tried deleting all the files that showed up on my desktop, that didn't work either. The directory is still there, and the xampp icon is still in my system tray at the bottom of my screen.

The installation was nothing like the diagrams shown in the Joomla Quickstart guide.

Can you help me uninstall xampp?
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Re: can't uninstall xampp

Postby cthackers » 03. March 2010 20:57

open up xampp-control pannel. uncheck all the boxes there that are called SVC. If you see any button with the label "stop" on them: click'em and give it a second until they change to "start". then close this control panel (click on the Exit button not the X button on top of the window) and try to delete the xampp folder again.
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Re: can't uninstall xampp

Postby MC10 » 04. March 2010 04:33

Are you logged in as administrator?
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Re: can't uninstall xampp

Postby rprescot » 31. July 2011 01:56

I had the same issue except that I was able to uninstall XAMPP from the control panel. The control was removed so I couldn't get at it that way. However, I went into Services and disabled the Apache service. I was subsequently able to delete the xampp directories that remained after the uninstall.
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