Two document roots on one IP#

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Two document roots on one IP#

Postby lakshmanl » 26. January 2010 01:11

Hello Apache Friends!!

I am running a WAMP server (XAMPP 1.6.7 on Windows 2003) and need to setup two document roots on SSL on two diferent ports (same IP#). for example I want to set "d:\xammp\htdocs" on port 4043 ( so and and "d:\moodle" on port 443 (so

I thought I need to mody vhosts file. [I could not seee any **active lines on httpd-vhosts.cnf file, te lines are all commented, which I guess come with a default installation]. So, I added two <VirtualHost> blocks. This did not work for me (meaning could not acess xampp\htdocs).

Then, I added <VirtualHost *:4043> block to httpd-ssl.cnf (I had "Listen *.4043" already in the file) and then it was complaining about "VirtualHost overlap on port 443, the first has precedence...." . And then I added " NameVirtualHost *:443" and "NameVirtualHost *:4043" lines to httpd-vhosts.cnf. Now I do not get any error messages when I re-start Apache. However, I stil cannot do a (Page Not Found).
If I do a netstat -a, it tells me that it is listening on port 4043. What am I missing? HELP!!!

Kindest Regards
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