issue with site{not functioning properly)

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issue with site{not functioning properly)

Postby naruto820 » 22. January 2010 00:17

Okay so my friend made me a site that is ran by php and jscripts. The site is not functioning properly on my xampp webserver. I have latest version of xampp installed with all the modules. Here is the actual site suppose to look like and how it is suppose to function.

But on my xampp it is like this most of the functions are not working.

As you can see a lot of functions arent working properly. Like when u click on a menu it is suppose to open it in the wrapper at center of the site. But on the xampp site it isnt doin that.

So i asked my friend he said it had something to do with php. But xampp already have php installed.

So any ideas? any help appreciated.

Also the site that is functioning properly is running from my webhost which is linux. and the xampp is ran from a dedicated server with windows server 2003.

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