XAMPP 1.7.2 with PHP 5.2.6 or 1.7.0 with working sendmail

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XAMPP 1.7.2 with PHP 5.2.6 or 1.7.0 with working sendmail

Postby bogdanvursu » 19. January 2010 16:02

Hi everyone,

When I started developing my app the latest XAMPP version was 1.7.2. I set up PHP, MySQL and Mercury and everything was working fine. And by working fine I mean specifically sending email using PHPMailer.
Then I discovered I have an older version of PHP on the production server (5.2.8) than the versoin in XAMPP 1.7.2 (which is 5.3.0). So I installed XAMPP 1.7.0, which has PHP 5.2.8.
Unfortunately I couldn't get the 1.7.0 setup to send emails the way 1.7.2 did. I found several workarounds, but none of them completely satisfies me.
Here's what I was able to do so far:
1. Disabled sendmail and SMTP in php.ini and used PHP's mail function. It's the closest I got to the previous (1.7.2) setup. The problem is that it doesn't work with addresses like this: "Firstname Lastname <username@example.com>". The error I get from Mercury (Core Process Window) is: "User <Name <username@localhost.domain>> not known at this site." For those of you who haven't noticed, the whole address field is enclosed in angle brackets.
Does anyone know why this happens? I am pretty sure that happens only with this particular setup: XAMPP 1.7.0 + sendmail and SMTP disabled + mail function + names in addresses

2. Enabled sendmail in php.ini and used PHPMailer to send emails with sendmail. I have no idea what happens, but one thing I can tell you is that no email is being sent. I used both the 1.7.0's fake sendmail and the one in 1.7.2.
If anyone can help me debug, I would much appreciate it.

3. The easiest fix to my problem would be to install 1.7.2 and then downgrade PHP to 5.2.8. The thing is that I don't know how to do this without breaking anything.
If someone could tell me what to pay attention to when downgrading, that would help a lot.

Thanks for having the patience to read all that.
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