New server/install questions

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New server/install questions

Postby Coastie » 16. January 2010 05:41

I have recently moved from a high power dedicated-colocated *nix server, to a virtual server due to hosting changes and am not thrilled with the performance.

I plan to build a server for home use and use XAMPP through a dedicated Windows 7 server with 4GB of ram.

I realize that a 32bit OS can not address the full 4GB of RAM, so I may look into a 64bit version. My question is this. If I run Win7 x64 with 4GB of ram, will that have any benefit if I am running XAMPP in 32bit compatibility mode? This will be a dedicated server, with nothing other than web hosting on it.

Which compiler VC6 or VC9 is used to for PHP in XAMPP? I ask because I would prefer to use xcache over the included eaccelerator and there are specific VC6/VC9 versions.

A search for xcache here did not return any useful results, am I safe to assume that xcache is compatible with XAMPP ?
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Re: New server/install questions

Postby Izzy » 16. January 2010 06:05

This link is to the readme file which under the heading A matter of security (A MUST READ!) explains that XAMPP is for development use not as a production server.

Another point worth considering is does your ISP, in their TOS, allow a server on a home Internet connection, as you may have to seek their permission - usually related to the possible excess or heavy bandwidth use servers can generate especially a hosting Server.

Coastie wrote:Which compiler VC6 or VC9 is used to for PHP in XAMPP?

Coastie I safe to assume that xcache is compatible with XAMPP ?
Not sure not been there personally and is not included in XAMPP releases, so it is something perhaps you would have to research on their web site and maybe to help, PHP is compiled Thread Safe in XAMPP - perhaps a developer could answer your question with more certainty.

More helpful reading for new XAMPP users:
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