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changing password

PostPosted: 14. January 2010 04:19
by jonnyb
okay guys i need help... when i try to goto the site localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php to change my password it says unable to connect, as if my internet wasnt working but it is working fine can someone help?

Re: changing password

PostPosted: 14. January 2010 04:27
by Izzy
Which XAMPP version and Windows OS?

BTW whether your Internet connection is working or not should not have any effect on accessing http://localhost as it does not go through the Internet, it just uses the Apache web server directly on your own PC.

First check in the XAMPP Control Panel (XCP) that both Apache and MySQL are showing a green running indication.

Next clear your browser's temporary file cache.

Then just type http://localhost in your browser, nothing else - you should see the XAMPP Welcome Demo Page - test all the demos and see if they all work.

Next, if you get this far, select the Security menu item in the left frame.

Then select the link to change the password.

Let me know if you get this far please and remember that we can't see your screen or know what you are doing, so give back as much explicit detail as possible, which may help greatly with trying to troubleshoot your issues.