Numerous Problems (Xampp 1.6.3a) + PEAR

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Numerous Problems (Xampp 1.6.3a) + PEAR

Postby JeebsUK » 13. January 2010 17:35

Hi all,

I am running Xampp 1.6.3a , a bit old I know but this is the only version of Xampp I have successfully been able to get PHP XDebug to work with (at all).

I am a bit confused in terms of the PEAR set up in Xampp. I am running a Drupal 6 site which makes use of a module which does WikiText functionality, so I downloaded the relevant files for PEAR and placed them in the correct location, that was not a problem. However when I navigated to any pages making use of this functionality, the page was saying it could not find Class Pear. I am unsure as to what the default set up with this is, however when I used newer versions of Xampp I did not have this problem, as stated above I have only reverted due to the issues with the debugger. Some advice and help would be most welcome :mrgreen:
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