Need help after v1.6.8 -> 1.7.0 -> 1.7.3

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Need help after v1.6.8 -> 1.7.0 -> 1.7.3

Postby KingKoz » 11. January 2010 21:09

Hello all, new user here looking for some help after upgrading from xampp v1.6.8 to v1.7.0 to v1.7.3. I have looked through the forums for help with this problem but didn't see much. I guess this is what I get for deciding to mess with a working, stable setup! The upgrade went basically fine through the 2 versions. Except for the part telling the setup program where I wanted the new version installed. I chose "c:\program files\xampp" but it installed into "c:\program files\xampp\xampp". After chaning the paths back to "c:\program files\xampp"things started working. The problem I have is that PHP no longer seems to work. The main website comes up, so I assume Apache is fine. However, whenever I try to access a page that uses php, I get the php code itself.

I also get an error page when trying to use PHPMYAdmin:

You don't have permission to access /phpMyAdmin/ on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I am running WIN 2003 updated to latest drivers etc. Xampp v1.7.3. using Apache, MYSQL, PHP. I have tried everything I can think of (with my limited knowledge) but can't seem to get things working properly.

Unfortunately, the backup I made doesn't seem to work anymore. (copying it over the old dir). The main website is and a php page can be found at (which shows the vars I want displayed in my Shoutcast Radio station stats) or (which shows ALL vars Shoutcast Radio Stats)

Please let me know if you need more info from me to help figure this problem out. Should I just reinstall PHP? Change a path in an .ini file?

I've been struggling with this for over a week now so I hope someone can help. I'd even be willing to allow someone access to my server to configure/reconfigure for me.


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Re: Need help after v1.6.8 -> 1.7.0 -> 1.7.3

Postby Izzy » 11. January 2010 23:38

KingKoz wrote:...after upgrading from xampp v1.6.8 to v1.7.0 to v1.7.3.
There is no upgrade available from 1.7.0. to 1.7.3 - you would have to install a fresh download of the full 1.7.3 version after first making sure in 1.7.0. that all components are stopped and the ticks removed from the Svc boxes in the XAMPP Control Panel before closing it.

Then make a copy of your own files before deleting the old xampp version folder (see the tip below) - consult the readme_en.txt file or the XAMPP For Windows Home Page for uninstalling and installing instructions.

When there is no upgrade file for a particular version then it means an uninstall of the older version before installing a new version is required, as there would be major changes within the XAMPP components - no way round it.

BTW it is not recommended to install XAMPP to a folder with a space in the name - best to install to the root of a drive or partition for example to C:\ so that the install script will install to the C:\xampp folder.

Also it is not recommended to overwrite using a backup over the top of a different version.
Tip - to make a backup drag the xampp folder holding down the Ctrl key so you create Copy of xampp.
Then simply rename the Copy of xampp back to xampp to revert to the previous version after deleting or renaming the xampp folder of the version that is playing up - this method allows for easy coping over of your own files to a newer version install but never copy over any XAMPP system files or configuration files, only your own files and folders.
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