Access remote database

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Access remote database

Postby atanu.dey » 11. January 2010 12:03


I'm using xampp. I want to be able to access a remote DB. I have access to the remote server, so I can configure.

I'm testing with
>telnet 3306


<♦Host 'PC5' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
Connection to host lost.

After googling I've found that in there is a file mysql/bin/mysql.ini. And there must be a variable named bind-address. and I have to assign value to that variable.

But I'm afraid, I haven't found any variable there. So I added one with that value.

But its not working...

Is there anything else I have to do are is there exists any other way to do it in XAMPP??

Please reply soon. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Access remote database

Postby Wiedmann » 11. January 2010 13:09

<♦Host 'PC5' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
Connection to host lost.

You need a user which is having a '%' wildcard for the host part, so it can be used to connect from any host.
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Re: Access remote database

Postby Fenomen » 19. November 2010 10:22

I've got similar problem and I also changed the host part to %. The effect is that I can connect (I guess) but the connection is lost after few seconds.
What is more confusing, when I set up a connection, I get some random string of characters instead of 'mysql>', i.e. '5.1.41*6L[fll[\%@Te~1"'?Y" '
After setting up a connection there is an about 5-second gap and then I get message 'Connection to host lost'
Any suggestions?
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Re: Access remote database

Postby JonB » 19. November 2010 11:51

Are you trying to telnet to a remote XAMMP host? is that what you are asking?

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