Hosting XAMPP on WHS using HP MediaSmart Server

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Hosting XAMPP on WHS using HP MediaSmart Server

Postby zachs » 07. January 2010 17:45


I've been having trouble getting this to work, was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. I have windows vista, and currently host XAMPP directly out of my laptop and access it of course using http://localhost in the browser. I recently purchased an HP MediaSmart Home Server that is on my same network using a wireless router, but want to move XAMPP so it is hosted off of the server rather than my laptop (the files). Ideally, then I could access XAMPP from any computer in my home network by using http://localhost.

Unfortunately there isn't any clear instruction on how to do this, I was wondering if anyone had done this before and had some basic guidelines for how they did it, or have other ideas.

The problem I have is that the server has a set of backup folders that are pre-set, and I have no idea which one to put the xampp files in, or if that will even work correctly. It also isn't clear how to open up the server so that I can access it from a browser URL, etc.

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