Cannot Access Localhost

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Cannot Access Localhost

Postby supercharee » 06. January 2010 16:04

I've got XAMPP Lite running on Vista with SP2. Apache and MySQL is running (no issues) and ports 80, 81, and 443 are free. I've got Windows Firewall on since the specific ports seem OK regardless, but just to be safe, I've added Firewall exceptions for them anyway.

Every thing looks honkydory until I try to access http://localhost. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Am I forgetting something? All the tutorials I've read seems super easy and I've followed them point-by-point.

The only thing I can imagine could be causing a problem (and that I haven't already fibbled with) is an installation of McAfee Total Protection Services that came preinstalled on my Dell.

Any ideas? Feedback much appreciated.
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Re: Cannot Access Localhost

Postby Znote » 06. January 2010 17:16

Make sure the directory for your xampp is C:\xampp

instead of
C:\users\username\my documents\blabla\blabla

etc... And see if that work.

Just a suggestion. Helped me before on earlier xampp versions at least. :)
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Re: Cannot Access Localhost

Postby orc_dragoon » 07. January 2010 21:46

If you edited vhosts at all. You can also try https://localhost/

For Xampp panel

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Re: Cannot Access Localhost

Postby demon510 » 09. January 2010 16:23

if you have added virtual hosts in httpd.conf then you will have to add one for localhost as well.
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