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I was wondering whether xampp has wondered about having a PHP My SQL Server to host webpage files such as .html .php .asp .css .xml and other webpage formats that could then be able to allow application such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Aptana Studio Professional or any other Software Apllication to have it as a Web Dav that can then host it as an localhost website that could host any webpage that people design as it would provide any test environment for users to see it and load like it was an actuall website and different bandwidth speeds and have a groovey tech based control panel as a window from the xampp control as it would provide another web platform like microsoft we platform installer the installs apps were as a good idea still would mean on the localhost website home xampp would have a link to another page were you can install open source like moodle, joomla and other blog based open or closed source web application and it would create a directory in xampp and it would allow user to go and install in there setting unlike other setting from other programs however they would be able to run them out to the wide world as well as , it would be great to as it would provide people with a reliance in xampp that any other service would then be made a little old and they would then be needing to pass up the chanlenging demand thatg xampp would lead old service to the ground and thaqt you'd rain on there prerade as if you developed it also with ruby coding and had an open source development studio you'd allow people to develope files and have it so that people like developes that have been ruffed from other companies you guys could use them to help help xampp build to be a bigger and better than ever before as it would be great if it keep on building up and up into a better built program.
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