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Re: Having trouble setting up

Postby DsX » 31. May 2010 23:27

I am also at this point in my setup, and have your script in place.

my log reads after running the script:

May 31 18:25:56 host=smtp.gmail.com tls=on auth=on user=user@mydomain.com from=desktop@myserver.com recipients=E-mail_Address_from_outlook smtpstatus=553 smtpmsg='553-5.1.2 We weren?t able to find the recipient domain. Please check for any\n553-5.1.2 spelling errors, and make sure you didn?t enter any spaces, periods,\n553 5.1.2 or other punctuation after the recipient?s email address. w29sm26978235vcr.14' errormsg='recipient address E-mail_Address_from_outlook not accepted by the server' exitcode=EX_DATAERR

I would love a little help on this one :)

OOPS, I realixed that I didn't edit the email address in your script... I now get a new log that appears to show that it works.

May 31 18:32:36 host=smtp.gmail.com tls=on auth=on user=user@mydomain.com from=desktop@myserver.com recipients=ryan@plastikwrap.com mailsize=64 smtpstatus=250 smtpmsg='250 2.0.0 OK 1275345156 x6sm26998207vco.23' exitcode=EX_OK

will be watching my mail for confirmation.
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