Dynamic alternative for hosts-file?

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Dynamic alternative for hosts-file?

Postby kroessss » 01. January 2010 15:51

Hello all,

I'm fiddling with my Xampp-installation, and I wanted to automate the procedure for creating a new website locally a bit.

What I used to do was just renaming the htdocs-folder to another name, and then creating a new htdocs-folder. If later on I want to work on an existing website, I have to rename the htdocs-folder, and then rename the folder with the website to htdocs again.

I just turned on the vhost-module in httpd.conf, and got it working so that every domain test.dev resolves to a folder called test. The only thing now is that I have to enter a new line in the hosts-file for every domain that I create. I searched google, and came up with something called BIND. This little program is supposed to offer (among other things) the resolving of a made-up tld (.dev in my case) to localhost. I just can't get this to work.

Has anybody got any experience with this? I'm working on XP Pro SP3.

Best Regards,
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