Apache Service Premature Termination

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Re: Apache Service Premature Termination

Postby howardparsons » 31. December 2009 03:57

It's going to take me a bit to review the Services, Start-up and - finally - the Reinstall. I've tried everything else on your list. No joy. :(
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Re: Apache Service Premature Termination

Postby howardparsons » 01. January 2010 20:10

Uninstalled & re-installed Apache. No joy. :cry:
Here is the list of services:
Code: Select all
Name   Status     Startup Type   Log On As
##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##   Started   Automatic   Local System
Adobe Version Cue CS4      Manual   Local Service
Advanced Networking Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
AMD External Events Utility   Started   Automatic   Local System
Andrea RT Filters Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Apache2.2      Automatic   Local System
Application Experience      Manual   Local System
Application Information      Manual   Local System
Application Layer Gateway Service      Manual   Local Service
Application Management      Manual   Local System
Background Intelligent Transfer Service   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
Base Filtering Engine   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Block Level Backup Engine Service      Manual   Local System
Business Contact Manager SQL Server Startup Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Certificate Propagation      Manual   Local System
CNG Key Isolation      Manual   Local System
COM+ Event System   Started   Automatic   Local Service
COM+ System Application      Manual   Local System
Computer Browser      Manual   Local System
Cryptographic Services   Started   Automatic   Network Service
DCOM Server Process Launcher   Started   Automatic   Local System
Desktop Window Manager Session Manager   Started   Automatic   Local System
DFS Replication      Manual   Local System
DHCP Client   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Diagnostic Policy Service   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Diagnostic Service Host      Manual   Local Service
Diagnostic System Host   Started   Manual   Local System
Distributed Link Tracking Client      Manual   Local System
Distributed Transaction Coordinator      Manual   Network Service
DNS Client   Started   Automatic   Network Service
Dock Login Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Extensible Authentication Protocol      Manual   Local System
Fax      Manual   Network Service
FLEXnet Licensing Service      Manual   Local System
FLEXnet Licensing Service 64      Manual   Local System
Function Discovery Provider Host   Started   Manual   Local Service
Function Discovery Resource Publication      Manual   Local Service
Google Software Updater      Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
Google Update Service (gupdate1ca0b1a31936940)      Automatic   Local System
GoToAssist      Manual   Local System
Group Policy Client   Started   Automatic   Local System
Health Key and Certificate Management      Manual   Local System
HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
HP Network Devices Support   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
hpqcxs08   Started   Manual   Local System
Human Interface Device Access   Started   Automatic   Local System
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules   Started   Automatic   Local System
Interactive Services Detection      Manual   Local System
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)      Manual   Local System
Intuit QuickBooks FCS      Manual   Local System
IP Helper   Started   Automatic   Local System
IPsec Policy Agent   Started   Automatic   Network Service
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Network Service
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper      Manual   Local Service
MBAMService      Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
McAfee Network Agent   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
McAfee Personal Firewall Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
McAfee Proxy Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
McAfee Real-time Scanner   Started   Automatic   Local System
McAfee Scanner      Manual   Local System
McAfee Services   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
McAfee SystemGuards   Started   Manual   Local System
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X64      Manual   Local System
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X86      Manual   Local System
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service      Manual   Local System
Microsoft Office Diagnostics Service      Manual   Local System
Microsoft Office Groove Audit Service      Manual   Local Service
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider      Manual   Local System
MSCamSvc   Started   Automatic   Local System
Multimedia Class Scheduler   Started   Automatic   Local System
Nalpeiron Licensing Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Net Driver HPZ12   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service      Manual   Local Service
Netlogon      Manual   Local System
Network Access Protection Agent      Manual   Network Service
Network Connections   Started   Manual   Local System
Network List Service   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Network Location Awareness   Started   Automatic   Network Service
Network Store Interface Service   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Office Source Engine      Manual   Local System
Offline Files      Manual   Local System
Parental Controls      Manual   Local Service
PC Tools Startup and Shutdown Monitor service   Started   Automatic   Local System
PCPitstop Scheduling      Disabled   Local System
PDK Debug Listener   Started   Automatic   Local System
Peer Name Resolution Protocol      Manual   Local Service
Peer Networking Grouping      Manual   Local Service
Peer Networking Identity Manager      Manual   Local Service
Performance Counter DLL Host      Manual   Local Service
Performance Logs & Alerts      Manual   Local Service
Plug and Play   Started   Automatic   Local System
Pml Driver HPZ12   Started   Automatic   Local Service
PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator      Manual   Local System
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service      Manual   Local Service
Portable Device Enumerator Service      Manual   Local System
Print Spooler   Started   Automatic   Local System
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support      Manual   Local System
Program Compatibility Assistant Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Protected Storage      Manual   Local System
QBCFMonitorService   Started   Automatic   Local System
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience      Manual   Local Service
ReadyBoost      Manual   Local System
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager      Manual   Local System
Remote Access Connection Manager   Started   Manual   Local System
Remote Access DB   Started   Automatic   Local System
Remote Access File Sync Service   Started   Automatic   .\RA Media Server
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)   Started   Automatic   Network Service
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator      Manual   Network Service
Remote Registry      Manual   Local Service
Routing and Remote Access      Manual   Local System
SBSD Security Center Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
SeaPort   Started   Automatic   Local System
Secondary Logon   Started   Automatic   Local System
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service   Started   Manual   Local Service
Security Accounts Manager   Started   Automatic   Local System
Security Center   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local Service
Server      Manual   Local System
Shell Hardware Detection   Started   Manual   Local System
SL UI Notification Service      Manual   Local Service
Smart Card      Manual   Local Service
Smart Card Removal Policy      Manual   Local System
SNMP Trap      Manual   Local Service
SoftThinks Agent Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Software Licensing   Started   Automatic   Network Service
SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ)   Started   Manual   Network Service
SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)   Started   Automatic   Network Service
SQL Server Active Directory Helper      Disabled   Network Service
SQL Server Browser   Started   Automatic   Network Service
SQL Server VSS Writer   Started   Automatic   Local System
SSDP Discovery   Started   Manual   Local Service
stllssvr      Manual   Local System
Superfetch   Started   Automatic   Local System
SupportSoft Sprocket Service (DellSupportCenter)   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
System Event Notification Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Tablet PC Input Service      Manual   Local System
TabletServiceWacom   Started   Automatic   Local System
Task Scheduler   Started   Automatic   Local System
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Telephony   Started   Manual   Network Service
Terminal Services   Started   Automatic   Network Service
Terminal Services Configuration      Manual   Local System
Terminal Services UserMode Port Redirector      Manual   Local System
Themes   Started   Automatic   Local System
Thread Ordering Server      Manual   Local Service
TPM Base Services      Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local Service
UltraVNC Server      Manual   Local System
UPnP Device Host   Started   Automatic   Local Service
User Profile Service   Started   Automatic   Local System
Virtual Disk      Manual   Local System
Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugger      Disabled   Local System
VisualSVN Server      Manual   Network Service
Volume Shadow Copy      Manual   Local System
WebClient      Manual   Local Service
Windows Audio   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Windows Audio Endpoint Builder   Started   Automatic   Local System
Windows Backup      Manual   Local System
Windows CardSpace      Manual   Local System
Windows Color System      Manual   Local Service
Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar      Manual   Local Service
Windows Defender      Automatic   Local System
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework   Started   Automatic   Local System
Windows Error Reporting Service      Manual   Local System
Windows Event Collector      Manual   Network Service
Windows Event Log   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Windows Firewall   Started   Automatic   Local Service
Windows Font Cache Service      Manual   Local Service
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)      Manual   Local Service
Windows Installer      Manual   Local System
Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant   Started   Automatic   Local System
Windows Management Instrumentation   Started   Automatic   Local System
Windows Media Center Extender Service      Disabled   Local Service
Windows Media Center Receiver Service      Manual   Network Service
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service      Manual   Network Service
Windows Media Center Service Launcher      Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local Service
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service   Started   Manual   Network Service
Windows Modules Installer      Manual   Local System
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache      Manual   Local Service
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)      Manual   Network Service
Windows Search   Started   Automatic   Local System
Windows Time      Manual   Local Service
Windows Update   Started   Automatic (Delayed Start)   Local System
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service      Manual   Local Service
Wired AutoConfig      Manual   Local System
WLAN AutoConfig      Manual   Local System
WMI Performance Adapter      Manual   Local System
Workstation   Started   Automatic   Local Service
XobniService   Started   Automatic   Local System
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Re: Apache Service Premature Termination

Postby Izzy » 01. January 2010 22:56

I think you can safely say that there is nothing wrong with your XAMPP installation after the reinstall was again successful.

The problem lies squarely with your PC system, firewalls, scanners or even a Windows auto update element that is preventing Apache from binding with port 80.

First try and start Apache2.2 service by clicking on the SCM button in XCP, finding and selecting the Apache2.2 service in the list of services you provided above and then click on Start the service.

Also right click on this Apache2.2 entry and select Properties then the Log On tab and tick the box Allow service to interact with desktop.

Now go back to the XCP and see if Apache is showing the green running indication.

If this still fails then you have 2 firewalls, Windows and McAfee. Make sure they both are allowing Apache to bind with port 80 via their configuration settings - or disable both the Windows firewall and all McAfee temporarily for testing.

You may also like to include PC Tools Startup and Shutdown Monitor in your disabled services test.

All the other items in the list I have no way of knowing what they are but the above 2 firewalls and PC Tools may be preventing Apache binding to port 80.

Note - if you disable anything in the services list using the settings in the services list then perhaps for them to be disabled effectively you may be required to reboot - check first if they have been disabled or not before the need to reboot.

The last time Apache ran successfully was on 6 December, 2009.
Can you recall what happened on this date in relation to activity on your PC like Windows and/or other software auto updates or even software installations etc.etc...?

...look in the Windows Event Viewer again for any more clues.

It is important to try and find out what happened on the 6 December, 2009 as this obviously had some major effect on why Apache can't bind to port 80 - this will test your sleuthing skills, Sherlock. :)

Just out of interest try this netstat command but make sure you have closed your browser etc.
Code: Select all
netstat -no -p tcp
Paste it back, please.

Also you are sure that IIS (Windows web services) are disabled?
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Re: Apache Service Premature Termination

Postby Izzy » 02. January 2010 21:27

Howard, if you are starting to think that all is lost with Apache on port 80 on your PC then you can try this work around by using another port, but even this may not work if a firewall etc. is involved.

Make a copy of \xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf file as a backup in case you have need to return to the original.

Next open it in your text editor (notepad for example).

Then find the Listen Directive near line 47 and change the number 80 to 8080.
Then find ServerName localhost: Directive near line 182 and change the number 80 to 8080.

Now save the file and try and start Apache in your XCP.

If it starts then go to http://localhost:8080 to see the XAMPP Welcome Demo Page.

Remember that after the port change you will have to add :8080 when typing a localhost address in your browser - thats the trade off.
Good luck.
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Re: Apache Service Premature Termination

Postby howardparsons » 03. January 2010 02:04

With regard to your most recent post, No Joy.

With regard to your penultimate post, No Joy on all counts. I reviewed the System & Application logs for 6, Dec. & it was a pretty quiet day. I looked for all files created/modified on that day & there were not that many. I only installed one wee bit of software - a system resource lister. Got rid of that but nothing changed. The only other thing was some registry tweaks/clean-up. I restored the pre-tweak configuration and . . . nothing changed. The only other thing I've noticed is that IrfanView won't run either.

In desperation, I installed IIS and it works. No problems w/ port 80 or anything else. I need to finish configuring it to handle PHP but when that's done I should be able to get my work done on this machine. I've got an ASP support project coming up so it may all be for the best. I'll load XAMPP on my old XP desktop & use that to do my Apache testing - at least until I migrate to Win 7.
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Re: Apache Service Premature Termination

Postby howardparsons » 05. January 2010 17:12

I'm still trying to get somewhere w/ Apaches as IIS is a stinker. I did find that Apache 2.2 has the following two dependencies:
    Ancilliary Function Driver for WinSock
    TCP/IP Protocol Driver
I'm not sure if IIS relies on these two bits or something else.

Still digging.
Howard Parsons
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