recover previous access.log file

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recover previous access.log file

Postby chera » 29. December 2009 10:32

hello everyone, i'm new here...
i have a problem here, can anyone help me....?
i change my previous web server from one PC to another PC, i only remember to save the data and configuration from my old PC, but not the log files.
the problem is, i already uninstall Xampp from my previous PC.
is thare any software to retrieve this "access.log" ??? :cry:

please help me......

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Re: recover previous access.log file

Postby Izzy » 29. December 2009 10:58

Not that I know of - once you have uninstalled XAMPP and the folder has been deleted then there is not much of a chance of recovering any individual files at all.

If you have not written anything at all to your old PC after the xampp folder was deleted then there is a slim chance that a commercial program like EasyRecovery from Ontrack may do the job if you think it is worth recovering, there is also a small learning curve to use this type of software. ... -software/
You may only need the lite version.

There are quite a few data recovery apps out there, here is another couple:

Data recovery is not cheep but you may be able to search the web for freeware data recovery software.
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