How to install ioncube on 1.7.3

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How to install ioncube on 1.7.3

Postby shoulders » 27. December 2009 03:11

I have searched this forum and found all the threads on how to install ioncube on xampp, but they all asume that Zend optimiser is installed. from my reading zend is now installed via PEAR, 1.7.3 is also missing the [Zend] section in the php.ini , i have also tried just adding the reference to the ioncube loader as instructed but this does not work.

I am sure if i downgrade to 1.7.1 which seems to be the last version that has all the settings, folders and files to be able to add ioncube it will work.

Can someone tell me how to install ioncube on 1.7.3

does zendOptimiser now have to be installed seperately?


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Re: How to install ioncube on 1.7.3

Postby scranmer » 07. January 2010 08:08

no one else had to do this?
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