3 tier

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3 tier

Postby syazwan » 22. December 2009 06:08

Dear all,
I'm just wondering if PHP & Apache can be seperate..
I would like to seperate webserver, PHP & database..
Currently I only managed to seperate database, which is 2 tier..
How about to seperate Apache & PHP, is it possible?
Thank you very much..
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Re: 3 tier

Postby Izzy » 22. December 2009 06:33

syazwan wrote:I would like to seperate webserver, PHP & database...
Then you don't need, nor should you use XAMPP.

Rather you should download the individual components - Apache, PHP and MySQL - from their individual web sites, then install and configure them separately instead of using XAMPP which is designed to integrate all those components to work together not separated.
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