Help with uploading php file

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Help with uploading php file

Postby njmad » 17. December 2009 15:42

I'm sorry about this, but I have *NO* clue how to work XAMPP (Just a heads up).

So I have downloaded a php file (it's a proxy if it helps) and all it says I have to do is to upload the "upload" file. Sounds simple? Probably is, but I need help. I need to upload this whole file to XAMPP-- Please help me?

Also; once I have something uploaded on XAMPP, can others access it? If so, how please?

If you can answer my questions; I would be extremely greatful. Thank you very much.
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Re: Help with uploading php file

Postby Kangaroo32 » 17. December 2009 17:53

I think to "upload" a file, locally, you just have to put it in the \xampp\htdocs folder. Of course that's not really uploading, but from my understanding that's how you can get the effect you want. If the server were in a remote location, you would have to use an FTP program.

As far as others accessing it, unless you mean over a LAN, there are many things to configure (especially security) for that to happen. I think by default it will only be available to yourself. I might be wrong on this, but I hope the answer helps.
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Re: Help with uploading php file

Postby njmad » 23. January 2010 12:25

I believe your right.

I only want it to be useful for myself; that's alright thank you.

But the instructions for the proxy said I just had to "upload" a file (and I had a ftp hosting program-- I couldn't uploaded it, only single files in the folder. Then it was only availible for download, it wasn't hosted per se). So I need to be able to upload a file directly and be able to access and use the file in its entirety. I will try what you say, but I believe I might have to wait until I can use a public computer though, because I just got over a huge virus on my computer and don't want to risk anything lol.

Thanks for the help, and I hope it works.
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Re: Help with uploading php file

Postby Liquid1 » 24. January 2010 01:00

Hi you need a ftp program its the only way you can set files i.e if you need to set to cmod to 775 so others can write read etc the files there, download a free ftp program all you do then is set up an account within the ftp program to contect to LOCALHOST .... to start with type localhost into your topbar in your internet window, you will see a xampp welcome screen, run whatever you speak then you will get another screen thats tells you more about xampp.
hope that helps you
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