how can i use xampp controle panel

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how can i use xampp controle panel

Postby ksureshraju » 17. December 2009 14:39

hi ..i was recently downloaded XAMPP1.7.2 version and i was installed it..but i dont know hot to work php inthat.After installing igot the xampp controle panel..and then after i am not understandig how to use it pls tell me hot use for php,mysql etc...
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Re: how can i use xampp controle panel

Postby Kangaroo32 » 17. December 2009 18:02

ksureshraju wrote:hi.. i recently downloaded XAMPP version 1.7.2 and i installed it.. but i don't know how to work php in it. After installing i got the xampp control panel, and then after i am not understanding how to use it. Pls tell me how to use for php, mysql, etc...

When you open the control panel, there are very many options. Primarily, there is a list of the tools you have: Apache, MySql, FileZilla, Mercury, and Tomcat. For each item on that list there are 2 buttons and a checkbox. Click the checkbox corresponding to the item if you want it to be a "service" ( To get up and running, first click the Start button next to Apache, and if it then says "Running" highlighted in green, you can press the Admin button next to it to bring up a welcome screen. From there you can explore many options.

Hope this helps
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