Setting up subdomains never works for me

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Setting up subdomains never works for me

Postby morganpatrick » 17. December 2009 08:00

I followed this tutorial to the letter: ... sing-xampp

and not only did it not work, apache wouldn't even start.

I tried this one: ... localhost/

same results. I should mention my specs are identical to those in the first tutorial (windows 7, same xampp version, same path location) except I'm running a 64 bit version of windows. That said, the hosts file is still in system32 and i don't know that xampp even makes a 32 vs 64 bit version.

Anyway I'm pulling my hair out and I can offer more information as necessary. please let me know what I need to do to get this going.

Also if someone can tell me how to start apache in the shell, I can post the error messages. Thanks.
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Re: Setting up subdomains never works for me

Postby whiterican » 18. December 2009 17:34

you might consider looking at these examples here

it is a good place to start... in particular the bottom of the page should be very useful....

I am not an expert with this so be free to double check my accuracy.

I personally set up separate ip's for my various hosts... and honestly I am not sure what the sub domain thing is all about.

sorry if I could not be more helpful.
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