Random corruption of cookies, headers, and page rendering.

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Random corruption of cookies, headers, and page rendering.

Postby JAB Creations » 17. December 2009 06:11

The past few versions of XAMPP I've noticed random corruption of headers, cookies, sessions, etc. It's almost to the point of sending me in to a witch hunt except that I'm well aware that there is corruption though I'm not a software developer so I can only report it. It doesn't make XAMPP impossible to use though for example when important session variables are corrupted it breaks my ability to test my work locally. There is absolutely no way I could use XAMPP in a live environment and I've done plenty of fresh installs across multiple machines. I'd say the corruption occurs once every 10-30 page loads and it varies without anything I can correlate it to. Clearing my sessions every few minutes is really hampering my productivity so I'm wondering if this is a known issue that's being addressed?
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