Unable to reply or forward mails

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Unable to reply or forward mails

Postby iceroyx » 16. December 2009 17:13

I'm not using apache on my machine, I have a website on a hosting server with apache installed and a couple of mail accounts I made. I've noticed that I cannot reply or forward mails which contain the header fields From, To, Date embedded in the text. When trying to send these mails the following error is displayed in the browser:

Error 406 Not Acceptable

I solved this problem by deleting the header fields each time I need to reply or forward a mail, of course this is not a real solution, I want to know why this happens and what should be done to fix it.

Is it 'cause of MIME types?

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Re: Unable to reply or forward mails

Postby glitzi85 » 28. December 2009 22:23

I think that is a problem of the webmail interface your hoster is using. Ask your hoster to fix this.

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