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win 7 64 and xampp

PostPosted: 13. December 2009 19:46
by whiterican
Well this is just down right confusing me now. In using xampp the only way I have been able to get Apache to run is by installing a 64 bit version of it which the xampp control panel at least for starting and stopping the service will administer.

How ever when I go and try to admin Apache... http://localhost/xampp I wind up getting an "index of/xampp" and not the traditional interface that you would normally see.

I went as far as changing httpd in Apache 2.2.14 64 server root to xampp and the all directories including the cgi.

I do come up with the It works when I go to http://localhost

Any ideas?

lets just say I am not the brightest when it comes to this...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Re: win 7 64 and xampp

PostPosted: 16. December 2009 00:13
by whiterican
Any ideas???? or am I just wasting my time in this forum... and need to find a whole different server package?


Re: win 7 64 and xampp

PostPosted: 16. December 2009 23:16
by whiterican
I am not sure how I did it but I now have xampp running on my windows 7 64 machine. It took me downloading the beta version 1.7.x the second one.

Have a good one....