How to resume mysql

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How to resume mysql

Postby firsttime » 11. December 2009 15:35

Hi, i'n a newbe of xampp. i've installed it on an usb key and i used it for a while on a pc with xp and without anything installed like apache,mysqw and php. i've used xampp with apache and mysql installed not like a service (important).
after that, i've used xampp on my pc at home where there are xp, iis, mysql 5.0 and php5.30. it's all gone ok, but when i've seen in the control panel that mysql was active like service - i though that was active the pc service for xampp. when i've closed xampp i've a surprise: the mysql service in my pc doesn'start. i've seen in the event viewer that it can't run because the innodb engine cannot load! the mysql installation in the pc was for develop so i've installed the myisam and the innodb engines.
i've tried with the configuration wizard for to rebuild the mysql installation config, at the end it can't restart the service and i know that it's for the innodb engines unfound.
what can i do?
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