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Postby black_sand » 11. December 2009 13:43

How do I do the following step on wordpress?
I'm following a tutorial on how to create a worpress theme ... under.html

I’m stuck on the step 4- Open your browser and go to this address: http://localhost/. From the menu on the left column, choose your preferred language.

I have installed XAMPP and I am running apache and MySQL, I have been stumped on this bit for ages. Nothing shows up when I open http://localhost/. what am I doing wrong?
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Re: http://localhost/

Postby Izzy » 11. December 2009 23:05

Missing support info - what XAMPP version and which Windows OS?

Is Apache running - check in the XAMPP Control Panel.

Read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking the Apache port.

More helpful XAMPP reading for new XAMPP users:
\xampp\readme_en.txt file
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