no tables in Mysql after install xampp 1.7.2

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no tables in Mysql after install xampp 1.7.2

Postby jcxnet » 05. December 2009 21:51

Hi, after install the latest version (1.7.2) over the previous one and when I open phpMyadmin and try to view the tables, but these doesn't appears. I've searched in many forums without luck to solve this trouble.
This only happens with Innodb databases why with the MyIsam databases all works properly.
Somebody had the same problem?
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Re: no tables in Mysql after install xampp 1.7.2

Postby darkhouse » 02. March 2010 21:13

This happened to me as well. Now I cannot use use xampp at all... I checked the MySQL settings, everything looks fine (but obviously I'm missing something). phpmyadmin works, it even shows that my databases have the correct amount of tables, but when I go into one of them (doesn't matter which), only the MyISAM tables show up, all InnoDB tables go missing. When I try to access a page in a site using these tables, it just pumps out an error that the table doesn't exist, but clearly it does. I've gone into the data folder, and all of the files seem to be in tact, just inaccessible.

PLEASE HELP!!! This is a huge hindrance. I cannot develop locally anymore...

Edit: I was able to see the InnoDB option in phpmyadmin, so I just tried creating an InnoDB table in phpmyadmin and it worked - so it's only tables that I had before I upgraded that aren't showing up.
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Re: no tables in Mysql after install xampp 1.7.2

Postby itrionet » 07. July 2010 07:36

Hi guys!! have you fixed this problem???
i got the same problem with my databases after i upgraded to xampp 1.7.3.
I will appreciate your help!
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