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Postby Neotropic2012 » 04. December 2009 21:23

Did a search for mktime and returned posts I could not understand..

I am noticing I am getting some strange reactions when using mktime.

First using:
$t = explode("/",$l[51]); /* Example of $l[51] 9/2/2008*/
$start = mktime(0,0,0,$t[0],$t[1],$t[2]);

I get no errors, but connection interrupted. Then created a file by itself with:
echo mktime(0,0,0,9,3,2008);

echo mktime(0,0,0,9,3,2008,1);
echo mktime(12,0,0,9,3,2008);
echo mktime(12,0,0,9,3,2008,1);

Page I get:
Connection Interrupted
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.

Removing the mktime from my script runs fine. otherwise it does not.

With no errors being returned as this has been an issue for me period, no idea what the problem is.
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Postby Wiedmann » 04. December 2009 23:28

I guess it's the same reason then your other thread (where a reply of you is still missing).
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