localhost asking for username and password

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localhost asking for username and password

Postby dbarch » 01. December 2009 01:23

Newbe here. Have just set up XAMPP on WXP Pro with two odd things. When accessing localhost windows requests a username and password as if I am accessing a remote computer. Also when I start Apache, it does not indicate that it is running.

Do I have a bad install?

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Re: localhost asking for username and password

Postby Izzy » 01. December 2009 02:17

BTW, what version of XAMPP?

Perhaps you have another server using the port that Apache uses.
By default XAMPP will not ask for a user/pass combo.

Try reading the xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for clues.

Run the apache_start.bat file and see what the returned message tells you.

Run the Port Check button in the XCP and see if the ports are in use or free.

Read the readme_en.txt file and these links first.
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