Error on Session

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Error on Session

Postby Yung Hopp » 30. November 2009 16:18

Well ...

Hello, World ! ;p

Here's the thing :

I'm in a really difficult situation right now. Reason is I got a problem on my Software and not on my code.

I ran this code on my school couple days ago and started improving it. When I got outta there, I ran it again to make sure it was working.

Created a user and everything, logged in. Everything working.

Next day, came to class, couldn't log, couldn't create user. When I got to the page that proccess both of those, the login and the creation of the new user, they both just stood blank. No redirection to any other page.

Next day, came to class again, ran the site. Worked. Sorry the long text, I just wanna make myself clear : My code's clean. Now I'm programming at home. Here, neither on my computer, running through Pen Drive or in my dad's Notebook I'm able to run through these pages.

It's not an error with the MySQL either, since I can see the site and go through some pages with mysql_query and mysql_result entries.

Anyone ever seem sumn' like this ?

Oh and... I saw it happen wit' a friend of mine in the other room. It's really not the code.
Yung Hopp
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Re: Error on Session

Postby Izzy » 01. December 2009 01:07

Well, you have said much but have told us nothing that we can work with to troubleshoot what ever issues you are trying to explain.

Remember that we can't see your screen nor know what you are doing or what you have done

So clear concise details are required including error messages and error.log file entries that may apply on the date and time your issues surface.
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