Xammp Install with ColdFusion 8

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Xammp Install with ColdFusion 8

Postby terrymod » 25. November 2009 18:58

I had cold fusion running before I entered IP address and set up virtual hosts in Apache.

Cold Fusion could not find the administration page in the cfide document root.

Uninstalled CF and now the installer needs
"Directory for binary"
I look in apache/bin/
to find " apache.exe" ?

There is no file "apache.exe" and did a search on my drive with no luck ,

Any suggestions

Apache / PHP / MYsql running and serving under the virtual host headers but can't get cold fusion to run

Many thanks in advance

Terry :(
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Re: Xammp Install with ColdFusion 8

Postby Izzy » 25. November 2009 23:41

Missing support info - what XAMPP version and which Windows OS?
So assuming latest stable XAMPP version.

httpd.exe is apache.exe - make a Copy of httpd.exe and rename to apache.exe or tell CF to find httpd.exe instead.

In XAMPP versions pre 1.7.2 apache.exe was included.
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